Over and over again God reminds us that He knows what we need (Is.65:24, Mt.6:31-32) and that He is able to provide what we need (2 Cor.9:8). For many of us, we know this about God but sometimes, in the midst of our storms and battels, we forget. Or maybe we do not forget but we simply do not trust God’s methodology.

Nearly twelve years ago I had to make a decision to trust God and follow His lead regarding a major life path He wanted me to take, or create my own path and walk on it. I wrestled with my choices for weeks, actually months. It wasn’t that I did not trust God, it was that His path seemed illogical to me. His path had nothing to do with where I believed my life was headed and it just did not fit into my plans at the time. Did I believe God cared for me and wanted the best for me? Absolutely.  Did I trust that His plan was the best for me to follow? I wanted to but I could not get passed the fact that God’s plan did not add up to me. I just could not fit it within my plans for my life. Sounds familiar to you? When I read Psalm 23 I often think back to my dilemma of twelve years ago. David, the author of Psalm 23, gives us a peek into a season in his life. In verse 2 he shares that God – His shepherd – led and settled him beside still waters.  Reading that sounds so peaceful and makes it sound like David was in a great place in his life. Well, what it sounds like is definitely not what was going on. Theologians believe that when David penned this passage in the Psalms he was on the run as his enemies were pursuing after him. David’s life was chaotic, uncertain, and in danger. Yet in that place David tells us this about God,

 He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.  Ps.23:2

It sounds illogical, from a human view point, to sit beside still waters when one’s in a chaotic, uncertain, and dangerous situation. The word, “still”, is translated in Hebrew (the original language of the Old Testament) as, mnuha(h); which means calm, resting-place or ease. What David wanted his readers – you and I – to understand is that God had intentionally led him to a place where it was calm, restful, and where David could be at ease. I agree that it is more than likely that David was using an analogy when he described God leading him beside still waters. Yet if it was an analogy, it meant that what David was trying to get us to understand is that God had led him to this place where he was at peace, a place where he could experience rest and not have to worry; even though he was being pursued. That simply does not make logical sense. Why would God lead David to rest instead of encouraging him to run. It does not make sense unless you understand some things about sheep. David starts Psalm 23 describing God as his Shepherd.

1The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.  Ps.23:1

A shepherd is one who takes care of sheep. Shepherds are known to tend to their sheep for months at a time. Which means, wherever the sheep are, the shepherd is right there. He never leaves the sheep alone; whether nighttime or daytime. In order for the shepherd to properly care for his sheep for such long periods of time, he has to know all there is to know about his sheep. One thing that scares sheep and causes them not to hear or respond to their shepherd is rushing, loud, wave-breaking water. A good shepherd knows this and understands that if he wants to get the attention of his sheep to help navigate them away from their enemies, he has to calm them down. If a shepherd wants his sheep to quench their thirst in order for them to be strong enough to continue to follow him as he leads them away from their enemies, then he must lead them to still calm water. Now that makes sense. That is definitely illogically logical. God choosing to lead David to still waters in the middle of him running from his enemies sounds illogical. When we understand that God was trying to get David to a place where he was calm enough to pay attention and follow God and calm enough to drink from God’s well, then we realize that God was very logical. God does the same for you and me. He guides us to those still waters. It seems so illogical and out of place when He does it yet He, being our Shepherd, knows our frame and what we need so that He can get our attention as He leads us and so that He can quench our thirst with His living water. I am happy that all those years ago I decided to trust God and follow His path, even when it seemed illogical to me. I allowed God to lead me beside the still waters that He knew I needed. No regrets.

God is more than just the Shepherd, He is our Kinsman; the One who gets us and who knows us because we are His. God keeps us safe from our enemies because He is our Keeper. Do not look for the logical reasoning in your dilemmas; look for our Kinsman & Keeper because with Him what appears illogical will become logical.


  1. Amen! What a powerful Psalm and so encouraging. God truly loves us, thankyou for being my Shepherd Jehovah.

    1. Hello Sal! Glad to ‘see’ you here again. He’s an awesome Shepherd isn’t He? I’m glad we have Him in our lives to help make logic of our journey with Him. Be blessed

  2. Never heard it quite like this, but it make sense on paper. I am often puzzled with the relationship between David and God. Why was he favored so? The Bible did say, “My thoughts are higher than your thoughts and my ways are higher than your ways”. I’m glad we serve a God that doesn’t think like us or act like us. Great post!!!

    1. Hi Carla! Great seeing you here. You are so correct, God’s thoughts super surpass ours. His abilities to forgive and see past our mishaps so that He can use us for a greater cause are much greater that ours. Thank God He’s God : )

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