There is something about stories, reminders, and revelations that refresh our souls. I pray these blogs will do just that for your soul. What’s really exciting about these stories, reminders, and revelations is that they draw from God’s stories, reminders, and revelations found in the bible. Who doesn’t like a good story? We all could use reminders now & then. The unveiling of truth – God’s Word & promises – makes us free. May you be blessed and draw closer to God as you read.

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I am a Christian blogger who absolutely loves sharing about the amazing grace, favor, and love that God, as our kinsman & keeper, ever-so-faithfully pours over, in, and through us on a daily basis. Being able to share with you my experiences of walking with, and living for, Jesus is one way I joyfully get to live out Matthew 28:19 – that, Great Commission, that Jesus gave to us.  So why the name, Kinsman & Keeper? Great question. Read on. 

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